Can the actual physical means of going around drinking water remedy be absolutely free of chemicals?

polyaspartic acidYou can attempt the electric heartbeat, the German electronic pulse merchandise used in the circulating drinking water remedy inside my friend's manufacturing facility, the physical descaling does not need to add the medication to setup the German small wave quantum h2o water pipe with the ring, real actual digesting method, maintenance-free, life 15 Around, the key capabilities are anti--scaling and descaling, contra --rust and corrosion algae, inhibition and sterilization eradication, energy saving and ecological security. Baidu "German circulating normal water therapy gear" on the 1st page of page one of Chengdu Jintong Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Ri Te Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.

The U-volume Rwatt low-substance drinking water therapy system is proven by many people consumers to obtain excellent charge of corrosion, scale and bacterial and algae troubles within the circulating normal water method.

How exactly does the best regularity function?

Benefit regularity system:

The merchandise of Hangzhou Ri Te Environment Technologies Co., Ltd. - U-volume Rwatt non-compound drinking water treatment method program is verified by a lot of consumers to have exceptional power over corrosion, bacteria and scalebacteria and algae in the chilling water method.

Scale control:

The You-consistency descaling and contra --deterioration program consists of a combined CF influx electrical generator and an induction coil, as well as the water is packaged since it passes with the induction coil.

As soon as the chilling drinking water is treated by substantial-consistency CF influx, Ca2 within the water will continue to liquefy in drinking water or precipitate by means of calcite smooth level, thus effectively governing the precipitation of challenging range.

With You-frequency water treatment method, the original size will slowly break down back into the h2o, efficiently avoiding the problem of scale corrosion and bacteria.

Deterioration management:

The mixed (CF) wave produced by the descaling and anti--rust power generator in the You-frequency method encourages the formation of your magnet protecting level (Fe3O4) in the tube, rather than the red rust (Fe2O3) inside the usual perception. The magnet covering is fairly stable and may effectively rust the hose. .

The degree of corrosion within the cooling normal water is demonstrated by the quantity of Fe ions, so the level of deterioration may be supervised by finding the quantity of Fe ions within the water. Usually, the Fe ion content material following treatment by the UHF system is listed below 1ppm.

Microbe and algae control:

TRsystem: Bacteria and algae in cooling water may be handled with the synergistic outcome of the UHF super-low frequency program and also the TR program. The TR system utilizes the put together motion of aluminum ions and CF to achieve fast sterilization and algae elimination of the chilling h2o process. Electrolysis can be electrolyzed What: Just what is a great voltage electrostatic drinking water cpu?

Devices strategy: Drinking water remedy equipment that generates great consistency electronic job areas and electrostatic repulsion.

Gear use: strictly actual physical strategy to take care of circulating air conditioning normal water, replacing standard substance medicated normal water therapy approach

Software: 200m3 / h - 80000m3 / h open going around cooling drinking water process

Program sector: thermoelectric, steel, refining and chemical waste heating strength generation, waste materials-to-energy, paper, pharmaceutical, dyeing and printing, coal substance, etc.

Why: Why can high-pressure fixed electricity take care of moving water?

Technical concept: In line with the technological theory that equipment can apply substantial-volume electronic pressure and electrostatic destination to h2o.

Mechanism of motion:

The top-volume electrical field push breaks the structure in the connected drinking water molecule and distorts the sea salt crystal, creating the size to break up and take off;

Electrostatic repulsion operates to prevent and disperse salt binding and scale crystal progress;

Great-voltage static electrical energy modifications the biological field of harmful bacteria, leading to these people to drop their dwelling conditions;

The electrical field increases the water potential to a "sacrificial anode", which guards the steel devices at the "cathode" from rust.

How: paa polymer Exactly what are the pros? (cost, environment and Technology water preserving benefits)

1. Specialized advantages

Innovative: It may produce 25KV-28KV high-voltage fixed electrical power, which is more than the 8500V electrostatic water processor chip of comparable products in The european countries and The usa. In the field of actual handling of huge-movement moving drinking water, modern technology is really a worldwide head.

Effectiveness: Alter the bodily properties of moving water to basically solve the issue of corrosion, bacterial and scaling expansion of going around normal water.

Adulthood: There are far more than several years of useful program history and great modern technology adulthood.

Technological know-how: bunch installation, ultra-extended ion pub, high pressure in excess of 25KV

2. benefit and Cost positive aspects:

Low running costs: only a tiny bit of electrical energy costs associated with the operation of water treatment devices, removing all water treatment method costs and compound cleaning up costs;

Very low control charge: Water therapy equipment adopts entirely automatic style, which can be simple to deal with and run, with clear effect and reduced individual and substance enter.

It makes sure that the program devices are not corroded and polluted, which prolongs the services lifetime of the equipment.

Greater output and productivity.

3. Protection environment benefits:

The modern technology is reliable and safe, and there is no chemical substance corrosion, which affects products and man factors.

Without having incorporating chemical substances, you will find no second air pollution of water.

The daily discharge of circulating h2o conforms to countrywide specifications and fails to trigger environment difficulties such as abnormal phosphorus content due to compound dosing approaches.

4. Drinking water saving positive aspects:

The moving drinking water utilization rate is more than 98.5%;

The sodium is made by the addition of no chemical substances to the water, and the normal water high quality is definitely clean and clear, and no pollutants can be achieved.
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